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IDPW (from the Internet Yami-Ichi) have a call for "Art homepages" in the framework of their ART HOMEPAGE FAIR

New essay: Seven theses on the Fediverse and the becoming of FLOSS

Recently, @rra and I have been working on an essay highlighting questions about the #Fediverse and how these are getting entangled with #FLOSS practices. From software production to structure and governance within alternative social media, online communities and politics.

The text follows a multi theses model, to map the different things we've been looking at and publish the current state of our research.

It is the closing chapter of a new publication from INC/Transmediale (

PDF of the text:

Feedback welcome. We're planning to publish an online version with more references!

The Decentralized Web of Hate

This is from last October, but more relevant than ever.

"This report looks at how hate movements are decentralizing using emerging technologies in ways that make them harder to combat. These technologies ask us critical questions about the future of society and the internet but also pose incredible potential to help us along our way."

“Branch is an online magazine written by and for people who dream of a sustainable and just #internet.

We believe that the internet must serve our collective liberation and ecological #sustainability. We want the internet to dismantle the power structures that delay #climate action and for the internet itself to become a sustainable and positive force for climate justice.”

First issue of #Branch is out:

The 'Decentralization Off The Shelf' project by SimplySecure is hosting a free workshop for #developers and #designers of #decentralized applications about useful design and interaction patterns for the specific UI & UX problems of #decentralized and #federated software. Perhaps interesting for #activitypub #xmpp #ssb devs?

boosts appreciated

La future commission consultative des arts plastiques à la FWB cherche un.e candidat.e suppléant.e en arts numériques et technologiques, dans la catégorie « recherche scientifique et technologique »

New season identity for la Balsamine theater. 10 years of collaboration. Lucarne PeerTube. Pelican static site. Inkscape paths and Ume font forever. OSP.

"This database is an ongoing project to aggregate tools and resources for artists, engineers, curators & researchers interested in incorporating machine learning (ML) and other forms of artificial intelligence (AI) into their practice".

Undocumented events and object permanence
"An online exhibition series thematizing documentation, conservation, (false) memory, (art) object, phenomenology, and blockchain certification".

“Every single day, more hours are spent looking at a screen than looking out of a window, the screen is our new landscape. Who defines and who depicts this landscape?”

An online exhibition curated by Constant Dullaart, with @raphaelbastide, Chris Collins, Petra Cortright, Sam Lavigne & Tega Brain, Jan Robert Leegte, Zach Lieberman, Rosa Menkman, Luca Napoli, Katja Novitskova, Suzanne Treister, LaTurbo Avedon

"HitchHiker is a chrome extension for doing live performances inside other people’s web browsers (...) Whenever the performer goes to a new website on their computer, all of the audience members are taken to that website. The performer can then modify the content of the website, speak through text-to-speech voice, play sounds or layer images on top of the screen, all of which is conveyed onto every audience members’ browser"

I am thrilled to have my ongoing project exhibited online in such a good company.

Thanks to @imal for its support.

Damn they'll probably all be dead when we come back to the office :(

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"Everyone can launch the software, and they receive in real time through the Internet, the data controlling the instrument. (...) The rendering will not be fixed since the generativity of the code causes slight differences in the behavior of the algorithms.

(...) anyone connected to the Internet can attend. It develops and universalized the concept of shared time, basic concept of any performance work.""

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