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Cavalier législatif imposé hier à 22h30 par le gouvernement

La #LoiHaine instaure l'État policier sur le Web au nom de l'anti-terro

Tout site Web doit censurer les contenus signalés par la police en tant que "terroristes", non plus en 24h mais en 1h

Doctors can fly 🦅

Thank you for all the support and kindness all these years to get this far xx🎓

Btw you should definitely follow James Ryan if you're into the history of code art / AI / generative literature

"in the late 1960s and early 1970s, artist José Luis Alexanco experimented with mixed-initiative sculpture

through collaboration with an interactive program that he developed, Alexanco generated specifications for physical models, which he then formed manually in resin"

Can the Internet Survive Climate Change?

On the energy consumption of the internet with a nice feature of the solar version of #LowTech Magazine that I worked on.

"It is the largest coal-fired machine on the entire planet, accounting for 10 percent of global electricity demand. And the internet’s #climate impact is only going to get worse: Around half of the world has yet to log on—a presently disconnected population of more than three billion people eager to begin streaming videos and updating Facebook accounts. The internet’s cut of the world’s electricity demand will likely rise to 20 percent or more by 2030, at which point it will produce more carbon than any country except China, India, and the United States. "


which was also when I started working for iMAL, back then still as a student worker ;)

I have great memories of the Sven König / sCrAmBlEd?HaCkZ? performance (and still no idea what he's doing now)

As we're slowly recovering from the pre-opening of the renovated centre, here's a look back at our previous opening, in 2007, when we moved in to the Quai des Charbonnages

Well I was being optimistic, haven't found time to keep up with the posting >_>

(the main @imal account has been a little quiet so far but I'll take care of it for now, so expect more posts)

A new website, with a new CMS (Kirby) is online!

It's a quick version focused on the opening, that'll be developed further and expanded into a full-fledged version early 2020.

By +, with design input from

iMAL spoiler 

👾 OPEN CALL for vendors 🌏💥 Deadline: 3 NOV 🦠 Madrid Internet YAMI-ICHI (Internet Black Market) 💫 TENTACULAR Festival, 💵💵💵

Mhhh not great on a dark background though. Will need to fix that.

Each symbol that constitutes the new iMAL logo developed by Vrints-Kolsteren represents a certain field/topic/activity of the centre. For example :imalFabLab: is for the FabLab, or :imalWorkshop: for workshops.

I think that's a good fit for custom emojis 😁 ( cc: @xavor )

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