"HitchHiker is a chrome extension for doing live performances inside other people’s web browsers (...) Whenever the performer goes to a new website on their computer, all of the audience members are taken to that website. The performer can then modify the content of the website, speak through text-to-speech voice, play sounds or layer images on top of the screen, all of which is conveyed onto every audience members’ browser"

@yannick All very impressive, except one tiny detail: chrome!
That’s a pity.
Are there really no devs anymore creating stuff for ‘browsers’?
Because this is not for every audience browser. It’s for every audience Google Chrome.
You got killed a few years ago when your stuff only worked in IE. Nowadays you are a cool hero when you invent another funky Google gismo.
The dominance of Google is far worse than that of IE.
So sad.
And now

@hansup well in that case it's a bit different (than Jitsi for example) because it's an extension, that is always going to be browser specific. But I agree that ideally it would be best to work with (a) Firefox (extension) then. Except again if there's a Chrome specific feature that allowed this project to happen (which is suspect is why some target Chrome?)

@frankiezafe @yannick Awful, isn’t it? Chrome is 100% the new IE6. While I might understand why so many choose and take side of the one with money and power, I still think it is basically completely wrong to only work with and for one browser.
Hope firefox will start pushing Chrome like it did for a while with IE.
And we need more browsers.
And stop using Chrome!

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