It would be an interesting time to rethink remote live performances. Right now the obvious answer seems to be (for good reasons!) video streaming. But it's not the only one.

See for example chdh's egregore

The software they've used for their live performances in 2011-2014 was released to the public in 2015, and in May that year, they had a distributed performance where they controlled the egregore software remotely. Streaming (pure) data instead of video!


"Everyone can launch the software, and they receive in real time through the Internet, the data controlling the instrument. (...) The rendering will not be fixed since the generativity of the code causes slight differences in the behavior of the algorithms.

(...) anyone connected to the Internet can attend. It develops and universalized the concept of shared time, basic concept of any performance work.""

@yannick we streamed it at at the time .....
the streaming principle is very interesting as low bandwith

but when later in 2015 I submitted a project to the "Commission des Arts Numériques" building on that idea but for a 360° dome projection and VR in a 3D environment based on FLOSS, they rejected it by pretending it was "not innovative" ....

(I don't submit anything anymore to that stupid commission that insult people ... )

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