@hansup (i made a test and yeah, it seems to work like IG)

@yannick hmm, too bad, that’s exactly the thing I didn’t like in IG. Thanks for feedback!

@hansup yeah i don't either. The way social networks are kinda ruining one of the main raison d'être of the web (hyperlinks), either by not allowing them, or obfuscating them with their redirections, is both annoying and concerning

@yannick And what exactly is the reason of not allowing hyperlinks in comments of #pixelfed and #instagram posts? @pixelfed


@hansup I have no idea. To be honest there's a lot of things I don't understand about Instagram, like the artificial limitation of features on desktop (when they actually exist on the web version for mobile)

@yannick @hansup Coming back with a question around #Pixelfed. Since it's possible to comment on a picture posted on Pixelfed from a Mastodon instance, and Mastodon allows links in the "comments", does Pixelfed strips that link when displaying it on their instance?

@xuv @yannick don’t know. Maybe I should testdrive #pixelfed . But I getting more and more hesitant using yet another social media platform. Also I can publish images also on Mastodon...

@yannick @hansup I removed my previous rude post. But I sincerely believe that feature parity with Instagram, down to those behaviors where you can not post a link in a comment, is done without any thinking at all about what they are building. Calling this an alternative to Instagram and then copying every design decision Instagram has made is pure non sense. It's not an alternative. It's basically useless.

@yannick @hansup This is a perfect example of "it's not because they can, that they should". An alternative to Instagram is a good idea. Replicating it to the ; is not.

@xuv @yannick I agree with your point of view. I have respect for the efforts of the creator of pixelfed, but would like to see a better alternative than just a copy. Or even better: brand new ways of decentralized social media build in a webpage everybody can publish on a basic server. I want to focus all my attention on my own webspace without the need to sign on yet another platform. One self-owned account to connect, share and communicate.

@xuv @yannick @hansup We used to allow links in comments but removed it due to spam. While not optimal, we are going to make it configurable per instance.

@dansup @yannick @hansup That sounds like a moderation problem. Making links in comments configurable by instance is not going to solve this. How are your moderation tools?

@dansup @xuv @yannick Spam. I suppose from bots posting viagra and other bs ads. Can those not be blocked? They must come from an account on some instance? Or do these kind of bots automatically create new accounts on new instances? Never see spam here on Mastodon, and Mastodon is only comments with links?

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