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The iMAL team would like to wish you all the best for 2022! We hope to see you soon on one of our events. Check out this amazing animation we commissioned from eric van der flute, a new Brussels based art collective, to celebrate this new year!

Credit: eric van der flute (

In Webcam Venus, Addie Wagenknecht & Pablo Garcia asked online sexcam performers to replicate iconic works of art. This piece is an experimental homage to both fine art and the lowbrow internet phenomenon of cams.

All information about Swipe Right! on

Considered from a Marxist perspective, tablets may be the ultimate fetish commodities. Dani Ploeger wanted to turn the tablet into a Freudian fetish object for his work 'Fetish'

Swipe Right! has been prolonged until 06.02. All information on

Great news to start of 2022! We're prolonging our exhibition Swipe Right! Data, Dating, Desire until 06.02.22.

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"Two lovers in the middle of the dance floor. They link arms and begin to spin."

Perhaps most iconically captured in James Cameron’s 1997 epic, Titanic, this classic scene is found throughout modern romantic cinema. In A Truly Magical Moment by Adam Basanta, visitors can re-enact this “Magical Moment” using the contemporary communication tool for many long-distance relationships: FaceTime

We're open on 29 & 30.12 this week: come and have a spin with us!

Picture by Caroline Lessire

This Sunday we’re already presenting the last Cinema Parenthèse of the year which concentrates on some of STAN BRAKHAGE's more unusual and "black" films with occasional flashes of light that act as small bright spots in this dark winter time.

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Merci à art press pour leur visite et article à propos de notre exposition HYPER ORGANISMS, à voir jusqu'à ce dimanche !


Ujoo+limheeyoung – Machine with Hair Caught In It (2015)

Machine with Hair Caught In It is a kinetic sculpture combining metal machinery with soft black hair. The device was designed to take advantage of the characteristic delicacy of hair, producing a movement in which the strands becoming tangled and untangled.

Come and discover this piece during HYPER ORGANISMS until 19.09 at iMAL.
More info:

Only two weeks left to visit HYPER ORGANISMS! Don’t miss out and plan your visit now.

All information & Reservations:

This Saturday, your entrance to Hyper Organisms is ✨FREE✨, generously offered by Europe and the Brussels-Capital Region, which have contributed to the renovation of our building and equipment!

Rocio Berenguer – Lithosys (2020)

LITHOSYS by Spanish artist Rocio Berenguer is an inter-species communication system that attempts to help the various forms of life on earth to get along.

Come and discover this piece during HYPER ORGANISMS until 19.09 at iMAL.

More information:

Li-Yi Fan – Important Message.MP4 (2019)

Using a 3D-scan of his face, Taiwanese artist Li Yi-Fan tells of a journey into the depths of the Internet where all kinds of theories and visions of an uncharted world abound.

Come and discover this piece during HYPER ORGANISMS until 19.09 at iMAL.

More information:

Knack talks about HYPER ORGANISMS: "Meerling en Orakel". (Article in Dutch)

Read it here:

Louis-Philippe Rondeau - Liminal (2018)

LIMINAL is a luminous arch that functions as a time portal: as the visitor crosses this boundary, their reflection projected on the adjacent wall is spread out across time by means of the slit-scan technique.

Exactly one month left to discover HYPER ORGANISMS
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Nice article on HYPER ORGANISMS in Le Vif! Come and discover the exhibition until 19.09. (Article in French)

Link to article:
More information:

Katerina Undo - Creatures Cluster (2014)

The creatures in this installation by Katerina Undo are autonomous modules that receive energy from solar cells to generate a variety of soft sounds and small movements. The elements in the installation react organically to each other and form an autonomous, self-sustaining ecosystem.

Come and discover this piece during HYPER ORGANISMS until 19.09 at iMAL.
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Some scenes from within our Hyper Organisms exhibition captured by Caroline Lessire.

Open from WE-FRI: 13h - 19h, SAT & SUN: 12h - 18h
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Jonathan Pêpe - Haruspices (2019)

Made up of a rigid rib cage and four silicone organs, this device pulses to the rhythm of moods determined by real-time streams of information sourced from social networks which are then translated into four 'emotions' by the IBM Watson AI-system.

Come and discover this piece during HYPER ORGANISMS until 19.09 at iMAL.
More information:

Rainy Belgian summer outside? Perfect time to come and explore our HYPER ORGANISMS exhibition!

Make your reservation online:
Or drop by:
WE-FRI: 13:00 - 19:00
SAT & SUN: 12:00 - 18:00

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