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(UN)COMMON GROUNDS - 14.05 - 29.05

Marijn Bril is a media curator and (artistic) researcher. With an interest in the complexity and absurdity of digital culture, she explores topics ranging from networked images to digital metaphors.

Tomorrow we'll host "It’s All in the Footnotes: Notes on Curatorial Thoughts", a talk with Marijn Bril at 6pm. No reservation needed.

Photo by Hanna Hrynkevich, visual by Hussein Shikha

(UN)COMMON GROUNDS - 14.05 -29.05

Hussein Shikha focuses on the preservation, translation, and digitization of the visual culture from his intersectional experience as an Iraqi-Belgian in his practice.

His new work ” نسج البصر / Weaving of Sight” is part of the “(un)common grounds” exhibition.

All information here:

Opening tomorrow!

Next to visiting the exhibition you can also enjoy the following performances:
"Tot de kaars uit is" by Stijn Wybouw, 17:00 - 19:00
"La Lumitérale" by Laurie-Anne Jaubert, 19:30

More information:

Today Luuse is launching their Bookscanner at our Fablab

Join us from 18:30 - 22:30 (entrance trough the Fablab)

All info:

(UN)COMMON GROUNDS - 14.05 - 29.05

’s practice includes music and visual elements stretched through experimental situations and modalities.

His performance and installation “Tot de kaars uit is” (“Until the candle goes out”) is an endurance test as well as an almost spiritual pursuit conducted through singing and playing.

You can watch the performance during the opening of “(un)common grounds” at iMAL on May 14th.

All information:

Céline Vahsen got creative with us for a residency in the framework of our IPO (iMAL Projects Office) the last few weeks.

With a contemporary approach, she explored techniques that are rooted in ancestral textile creation. The research she started at iMAL involves the development of textile techniques, manual weaving and dyeing, enhanced by industrial input.

Discover more about Céline's residency at iMAL

(un)common grounds is a joint collaboration between and ’s residents at iMAL curated by Curatorial Studies participants at .

5 - 8 pm

All info:

Tomorrow marks the opening of TECHNO ROMANCE: Data, Dating, Desire in the framework of Electron Festival in Genève. Might sound a little familiar, as this is a new iteration of the exhibition curated by Valentina Peri that we presented last year at iMAL. Head on down if you are in Genève!

All information here:

ArtBrussels.NFT Speaker series
Friday 29 April 2022 / 17:00 – 20:00
Saturday 30 April 2022 / 14:00 – 19:00

Together with Parallel and powered by Art Brussels, we're organising a series of talks around NFTs. These talks will explore, critique and harness the concepts that form this new and fast moving space.

All information:

With the kind support of JPG , Arteïa ONE GRID,

We had an absolutely wonderful time this weekend at IF - 2022! Four days filled with performances, live-sets, music and more.. Thank you to all the artists, staff, volunteers and our amazing audience.

Julien Clauss & Olivier Perriquet, Tadej Droljc, Enrique Tomás, Puce Mary, Florence To, Kurt D’haeseleer & Franck Vigroux, Line Katcho, Rrose, Mika Oki
Tryphème & Ulysse Lefort, Katharina Ernst, @Koodes, Pye Corner Audio, Umwelt
Ugo Dehaes & Marko Ciciliani

Pictures by Maryan Sayd

IF - 2022 - SAT 23.04 >>> NSDOS

After studying dance, Kirikoo Des aka NSDOS, felt the need to create his own sound in order to explore movement. Not willing to be restrained by existing technological tools and softwares, he creates his own mediums.

Surrounded by his hybrid tools and presenting a new performance, NSDOS will be unraveling the rectilinear anatomy of techno music at iMAL on Saturday 23.04.

All information & tickets:

IF - 2022 - Friday 22.04 >>> LINE KATCHO

Line Katcho is a Montreal-based composer and audiovisual artist fascinated by movement. Her dynamic and provocative work combines the figurative with abstraction and experimentation with more traditional cinema. Her empirical practice seeks to create a sensory and cathartic experience.

For IF she will present her performance Immortelle. Check out a clip of the performance here:

IF - 2022 - FRI 22.04 >>> FLORENCE TO

Florence To is a multidisciplinary artist designing and producing sound and light installations, and generative motion graphics with an architectural approach to spatial design. Through her practice, she explores her interests in psychoacoustics merging cognitive and emotional behaviours with computational methods.

The full programme for IF is now online. All information & pre sale tickets here:

Puce Mary is a Danish experimental and noise artist known for her fierce live performances and releases on Copenhagen’s posh isolation and Berlin’s PAN. Frederikke Hoffmeier brings a new era of industrial, noise and electronic music, with different levels of emotional complexity and slow-evolving layers of sound.
Puce Mary is joining us for IF - 2022 from 21-24.04. All information on Tickets will be available soon.

Next Tuesday 29.03 we're hosting another Laser Talks Brussels, exploring the subject of 'Learning Through Sound' with panelist Aernoudt Jacobs, Katrien Kolenberg & Mathieu Zurstrassen and moderated by Edith Doove.

All information & free registration:

This weekend we're hosting Cinema Parenthèse with a special 3-day programme.

Friday 25.03
19:00 - I-VI: Peter Hutton & Mark Lapore
21:00 - II-VI: Naomi Uman

19:00 - III-VI: Chick Strand
21:00 - IV-VI: Diane Kitchen

SUNDAY 27.03
19:00 - V-VI: Mark Lapore
21:00 - VI-VI: Nathaniel Dorsky & Peter Hutton

Discover the whole programme on our website:

We're happy to announce IF - 2022. Operating at the cross-roads of audio-visual practices, media art, music and digital cultures, IF presents the latest creations where electronic sounds merge with visual arts.

This very first edition of IF takes place from 21-24 April 2022 and will unite more than 20 remarkable artists in Brussels.
First names will be announced on 16.03. Stay tuned!

A big welcome to Rachel Sim (Reit Cholz) who will be in residency with us until 06.03 working on her project "Viens Valeur" which is inspired by the ASMR, a very popular phenomenon on Youtube.

More information on our website:

From 4 March to 22 May IMPAKT, Centre for Media Culture in Utrecht, will present Post Growth: a solo exhibition of works by the DISNOVATION.ORG collective. We're happy to see that this exhibition that we presented the first iteration of in 2020 is evolving and developing even further.

All information about the exhibition at IMPAKT here:

We're very happy to have Julien Clauss and Olivier Perriquet over for a 2 week residency. They are occupying our main exhibition hall to work on their OOO - (Object-Oriented Object) project.

Read more about their residency and project on our

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