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Katherine Melançon - Fauna (2017)

Using natural specimens digitised with a special -cameraless- technique, this work by Katherine Melançon wavers between documentation and fiction. Extremely captivating in all its detail!

Come and discover this piece during HYPER ORGANISMS until 19.09 at iMAL.
More information:

Mathieu Zurstrassen - Margaret (2020)
Mathieu puts into question the act of creation by assigning this specific role to an artificial intelligence previously developed by humans.

Co-produced by KIKK Festival & iMAL

Come and discover this piece during HYPER ORGANISMS until 19.09 at iMAL.
More information:

"iMAL présente HYPER ORGANISMS, une exposition d’artistes internationaux qui explorent les relations entre l’homme, la machine et la technologie. Douze installations entre poésie et dystopie."

Nice article by @RTBF on

Amazing to see you all your happy faces yesterday at the opening of HYPER ORGANISMS! We're looking forward to welcoming you all summer long until 19.09.

All information & reservations:

Pictures by Caroline Lessire

Have you already made your reservation for the Vernissage: Hyper Organisms that's happening this Thursday 24.06? Don't miss out and register now for free via:

On Saturday 19.06 (18:00-19:00) our Artistic Director Ana Ascencio is moderating a performative lecture by DISNOVATION.ORG & Baruch Gottlieb at Werkleitz Festival. Certainly worth an hour your time if you visited the POST GROWTH exhibition at iMAL!

All information via the link:

24.06 - 19.09.2021

This summer we present HYPER ORGANISMS, an exhibition with works by 11 international artists. Drawing on concepts like Artificial intelligence, Big Data and algorithms, the exhibition explores the peculiarities, paradoxes and poetry of the relationships between man, machine and technology.

• Vernissage 24.06 (17-21h)
• More information & reservations:

Thank you for visiting SUB by Kurt Hentschläger over the past months. We can't get enough of reading all your amazing reviews! 🖤

Hope to see you soon for the opening of HYPER ORGANISMS on the 24th of June. More information:

We're part of Art Brussels WEEK's OFF Programme with SUB by Kurt Hentschläger.

Discover the whole programme online via

Final week for SUB by Kurt Hentschläger! Last chance to discover this amazing immersive installation in Brussels.

All information & reservations:

Recurrence is the fourth iteration of a joint presentation of and past residents curated by students of the Curatorial Studies programme at

Opening: Saturday 22.05 from 15:00 - 18:00


Come and discover Woven by Nature by at iMAL until 16.05. Entrance is free but registration is mandatory.

All info:

Photo by Silvia Cappellari
In collaboration with

"It feels like Kurt Hentschläger is making an image inside your brain and it's morphing and moving.."

Discover how our visitors experienced SUB.

Subbacultcha Belgium met up with music video director Michiel Venmans at iMAL to talk about his work and SUB by Kurt Hentschläger.

Les sens déconnectés, le sens reconnecté à l'iMAL - L'echo

Another great review for SUB by Kurt Hentschläger. Come and discover this other dimension for yourself!

From 10.04 - 18.04 you can visit ‘Chaos & Cosmos BXL’, a showcase that brings together three prototypes of interactive installations from Brussels based artists.

All information & reservations:

Tomorrow we're collaborating with TodaysArt & SHAPE platform for the online event TodaysArt 𝙫𝙞𝙨𝙞𝙩𝙨 — Brussels.

It's a great line-up with Soyun Park in conversation with Douwe Dijkstra performances by Animistic Beliefs & Moesha 13 and an interview of Kurt Hentschläger by Joost Rekveld.

Follow the livestream on Facebook from 18h tomorrow.

One year ago, we inaugurated our new space and the ‘Quantum: In Search of the Invisible exhibition’. It has been a special year to say the least but we’re optimistic about the future and our upcoming exhibitions and events!

Find the archive for QUANTUM here:

See you soon at Quai des Charbonnages 30, 1080 Brussel!

'What does this have to do with everything else?' is an exhibition by SLATO & OTLAS putting their research in parallel.

The former uses the city of Bombay as it’s starting point, which, at the end of the 19th century, was the scene of a population control system set up by the British colonial power to stem the spread of a plague epidemic. OTLAS is interested in the clay soils consumed for pleasure by people from diaspora communities.

More information & reservations:

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