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From 31.01 - 30.05 MIMA - Museum offers us the exhibition Verisimilitude by Félix Luque Sánchez in cooperation with Damien Gernay and Iñigo Bilbao Lopategui.

Over the past years Felix has become a part of the iMAL-family working on various projects and collaborations with us. On the occasion of this monographic exhibition at MIMA we dove in to our archives to highlight some of his projects and collaborations at iMAL.

Read about it here:
Picture by Caroline Lessire

The vernissage of 'What does this have to do with everything else?' is coming up this Thursday. The vernissage is free but registration is required. Some timeslots are already full so don't wait too long to make your reservation!

See you on Thursday!
All info & reservations:


It was a pleasure to host DISNOVATION.ORG and their collaborators for the POST GROWTH exhibition over the past few months! The expo is also still presented at 3bisF in Aix-en-Provence.

Stay tuned for news on our upcoming exhibitions!

Today is the very last day to visit Post Growth by We still have some places left! Book your ticket online ( or drop by directly.

Pictures by Caroline Lessire

One week left to visit the Post Growth exhibition and discover the Solar Share (The Farm) by

Curious how the farm is doing? You can follow the progress of the farm via livestream here:

As we enter the final week of our exhibition, HOLO continues its exploration of the topics around Post Growth with their dossier 'Life... After the Crash'.

Read the dossier here

More info and reservations for the exhibition (running until 07.02)

Animation by HOLO

Amandine David spent the last 2 months exploring the aesthetical and technical opportunities created by the combination of woven textiles and 3D printed pieces during her residency at our

Discover more about her work here:

Good news: we've added 3 extra weeks to our POST GROWTH exhibition! Don't wait and book your visit now..

All information:

See you soon!

We're prolonging our POST GROWTH exhibition by DISNOVATION.ORG until February 7th. Don't be late and book your visit now!

→ All information & reservations:

HOLO continues their exploration of the subject with 'Life ... After the Crash'. New entries into the journal about other ways of valuing and inhabiting energy systems are now available on their website.

Read all about it here:

Discover the 9 concepts proposed by Usbek & Rica to talk about the thematic.

Article (in FR):

Only 2 weeks left to visit the exhibition!
All information and reservations:

Happy 2021 from everybody at iMAL! Our exhibition will be open again this weekend. See you soon!

More information:

Plan your visit to iMAL and the exhibition during the Christmas holidays! We are closed on 24.12/25.12 & 31.12/01.01

More information and reservations:

HOLO & Chloe Stead continue their exploration of the POST GROWTH thematic with new entries into the ongoing dossier.

“Life … after the Crash,” is collection of narratives branching out of DISNOVATION.ORG’s current exhibition at iMAL.


Come and visit the exhibition at iMAL during the holidays. We're open from WE-SUN (expect for 24/25.12, 31.12 & 01.01).

→ All info & reservations:

We’ve been looking forward to this day for quite some time now! The POST GROWTH exhibition by DISNOVATION.ORG will re-open for the public today.

All information and reservations here:

Opening hours until 17.01.2021:
WED-FRI: 15h - 19h
SAT & SUN: 14h – 18h

We've teamed up with HOLO Magazine for a series of features on our POST GROWTH exhibition. "Life … After the Crash" accompanies POST GROWTH, the DISNOVATION.ORG curated exhibition that “challenges dominant narratives of growth and progress”

Check out the first entries here:

We are reopening the exhibition on Wednesday the 9th of December.

More information and reservation:

We will be reopening to the public on Wednesday the 9th of December! See you soon at iMAL.

More information & reservations here:

"Scenes of a Post Growth World at iMAL'
Salvo Costantino visited our POST GROWTH Exhibition just before we went into the second lockdown.

Stay tuned for more online content about POST GROWTH coming soon!
(Article in EN)

Missed the Exhibition : Starts Prize '20 or you want to enjoy it again? You can now (re-)visit the works shown at BOZAR in 3D via their website.

More information about this exhibition is available in our archive (including the digital visitors guide):

Click here to visit the exhibition in 3D:

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