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QUANTUM IN FOCUS: Lea Porsager (DK) explores the imagined neutrino with her work CØSMIC STRIKE, an enigmatic, mysterious particle that challenges some of the models currently being researched in contemporary science.

Come and discover this piece and 9 other works during Quantum: In Search of the Invisible
All information:

Picture by Caroline Lessire

For the next 10 days Marko Ciciliani will work on his audiovisual performance installation 'Rave Scéance' at iMAL as a part of the EAST-DC residencies. More information about his project here:

Découvrez le project des chaussures conviviales par notre résidente du FabLab.iMAL Adèle Dendaletche ici

Our ambition of becoming a flourishing art centre in Brussels is stronger than ever. To reach our goals we’ll need your help!

We offer different options, starting with a simple membership of 50 €, up to and including tailor made offers, all of which come with their specific returns.

Follow the link to discover our support program and become a member today:

La Libre parle de Quantum: In Search of the Invisible!

"Dix artistes, passés par le CERN, rendent visible l’invisible"

(Article in FR/Artikel in FR)

We are happy to welcome Julien Clauss and Olivier Perriquet pour their first production residency within our larger European project,

Semiconductor is an artist duo comprised of Ruth Jarman and Joe Gerhardt. Their piece 'The View from Nowhere' uses the voices of two scientists as well as experiments designed to test their ideas based on their predictions and theories. The artists drew inspiration from laboratory archives, films shot during their residency at CERN and computer-generated animations.

Come and discover this piece and during Quantum: In Search of the Invisible.
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👋Two excellent reasons to visit the center of Brussels!
👋Twee uitstekende redenen om naar Brussel Centrum te komen!
👋Deux bonnes raisons de venir centre ville!

MIMA - Museum: Z👀 > 31.08.2020

iMAL: Quantum: In Search of the Invisible > 16.08.2020
w/ Semiconductor, Lea Porsager, Yunchul-Kim, James Bridle, Juan Cores, Diann Bauer, Yu-Chen Wang, Julieta Aranda, HRM199 & Suzanne Treister.

"Quantum n’est pas une exposition didactique sur la physique quantique, mais elle rassemble dix œuvres multimedia réalisées par des artistes internationaux après leur résidence. Elles abordent l’impact des nouvelles technologies sur la société et interrogent la relation de l’humain à l’univers."

Voici l'interview de notre directeur Yves Bernard sur RTBF.

Plus d'info sur l'expo:

iMAL has partnered up with V2_ for their annual Summer Sessions programme. Believing that it’s important to support upcoming talents, even more so during unstable times, we have therefore decided to select 4 artists to be part of this year’s Summer Sessions Residency programme.

We are very thrilled to host:
Roel Heremans
Mladen Bundalo
Diana Dobrescu/Danse Divine
Mathieu Zurstrassen

Read more about it on our website 👇

So happy to see you again! 👋👋👋

Starting today, our exhibition Quantum: In Search of the Invisible is open again with all the necessary safety measures.

Check for all practical information and reservations. If you're in the neighbourhood without a reservation, feel free to drop by. We accept walk-ins based upon capacity.

We're almost ready to welcome you again! Quantum: In Search of the Invisible will reopen from Wednesday 3rd of June.

To ensure everyone can enjoy a safe visit, we will work with a reservation system with timeslots. You can make a reservation via phone 0474 03 69 44 or online here:
If you are in the neighbourhood and don't have a reservation, please come in. Our staff will let you in if capacity allows.

Pictures by Caroline Lessire

Some very nice words about our Quantum: In Search of the Invisible expo by HART. (Article in Dutch).

Come and check out the exhibition yourself. We're reopening on the 3rd of June. All information:

iMAL will re-open on the 3rd of June. Our exhibition Quantum: In Search of the Invisible will now run until the 16th of August 2020. More information about our safety measures and reservation system will follow soon! We can't wait to see you!

More info:

V2_ Summer Session Residency update:

Due to the evolving circumstances around the global Covid-19 pandemic, the Summer Sessions will now happen locally and iMAL will therefore welcome a Belgian artist for a residency over the summer. The deadline has been extended to 10 May, 23:59 (this extension concerns Belgian artists only, the deadline for international artists is still 1st of May).

All information and registration here:

Greetings from last week's online workshop by Valery Vermeulen. Stay tuned for more online workshops soon!

You can check out our complete online programme here:

As part of our Quantum: In Search of the Invisible expo Julieta Aranda is presenting her work ‘STEALING ONE'S OWN CORPSE (AN ALTERNATIVE SET OF FOOTHOLDS FOR AN ASCENT INTO DARK) - PART 3 (2018) at iMAL. While we wait to re-open our doors we are very happy to present you the full trilogy of this work online.

Click here for acces to the videos:
Picture by Caroline Lessire

Libération wrote an article about Raphael Bastide's work, an online artwork routine that he is developing throughout the quarantine period.

This work is part of the "We=Link Ten Easy Pieces" online exhibition initiated by the Chronus Art Center(CAC), that we're participating in with 10 other international partner institution. More information + access to the online exhibition here:

(Article in French)

Still looking for an interesting workshop for during the lockdown? On the 16th & 17th of April we'll host Valery Vermeulen's 'Create your own music from (Deep) space or Wallstreet' online workshop.

There's still some room left! All information & registration here:

Today we present you three works by Boris Labbé. Graphic artist from his beginning, he has been developing an approach in animated video for the last 8 years.

Discover three works by Boris Labbé here (FR&NL description available):

+ Don't forget to register for Valery Vermeulen's Valery workshop next week (16 & 17 April):

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