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We've update our website with new information and pictures of our exhibition. We hope to see you soon to discover the works in real life!

→ Hours
WED-FRI: 13-19h
SAT & SUN: 12-18h

→ More information & reservations

Next Monday we'll be hosting at iMAL for an evening of exchanges between game developers. There are still some tickets left but be quick!

→ All information & reservations:

We're very happy to welcome four residents at iMAL in the context of the V2_ Summer Sessions.

Roel Heremans, Diana Dobrescu/Dance Divine, Mathieu Zurstrassen and Mladen Bundalo will have all the tools and expertise of iMAL and the FabLab.iMAL at their disposal in the next few weeks to further develop their works.

→ More information about their work:

This Sunday we'll host Cinema Parenthèse for Grids and other Constraints: 16mm Films by Nicky Hamlyn at iMAL.

→ Full programme and more information:

Vernissage BOZAR 25.09:
Vernissage iMAL 26.09:
More information about the exhibition at iMAL:

Every year the Starts Prize, initiated by the European Commission, rewards projects that bring significant progress in the field of Art, Science and Technology.

For this edition, the exhibition of the STARTS winners will be held over three locations. Most of the works will be on display at BOZAR, while we will house two artworks at iMAL. Some of them are available exclusively online.

From now on you can also visit us with the museumPASSmusées!

Do you already have a museum pass? Bring a friend to iMAL for free between September 19th and 27th! Fill out the form and receive your free ticket:

Super interesting conferences around Localisme last Saturday co-organised by HIER and iMAL for Design September Brussels!

All conferences will be available soon for re-streaming on our Youtube channel.

Pictures by Caroline Lessire

Everybody wants 'local', yet few are the ones actually dealing with it. This weekend we'll host LOCALISME, a conference organised with & with debates, screenings, discussions and more!

Conference in French

The installation of our POST GROWTH exhibition continues in our main exhibition hall! Curious to see the result? See you next Thursday the 3rd of September for the opening.

POST GROWTH: 17.01.2021 - 17.01.2021
More information:

DISNOVATION.ORG and their collaborators are working hard to get everything ready for the opening of the POST GROWTH exhibition next week.

POST GROWTH: 03.09.2020 - 17.01.2021
Vernissage Post Growth: 03.09.2020 16h-22h
More information:

Thank you for visiting our exhibition over the last few months, even under difficult circumstances!

We're already working on 'Post Growth', the next exhibition that opens on the 3rd of September. More info:

Final week to visit Quantum: In Search of the Invisible!
We-Fri: 12h-19h
Sat & Sun: 11h-18h
More information:

Discover works by Semiconductor, Lea Porsager, Yunchul-Kim, James Bridle, Juan Cortés, Diann Bauer, Yu-Chen Wang, Julieta Aranda, HRM199 et Suzanne Treister created during their residency Arts at CERN

Coming soon at iMAL: Post Growth - An exhibition by DISNOVATION.ORG with Pauline Briand, Baruch Gottlieb, Julien Maudet & Clémence Seurat.

The programme of the opening weekend will be available soon.

'We aren’t able to prove that just yet but we know it's out there' by Yu-Chen Wang is a composition inspired by the history of recent science and the personal stories found in private and laboratory archives.

Only two weeks left to come and discover this piece and 9 other works during Quantum: In Search of the Invisible
All information:

Pictures by Caroline Lessire

'Scalar Oscillation' by Diann Bauer is a two-screen video installation that takes us to the universe of particle physics through an audiovisual manifesto of graphs, images and texts that draw on a range of sources.

Only two more weeks left to come and discover this piece and 9 other works during Quantum: In Search of the Invisible
All information:

Pictures by Caroline Lessire

During the opening weekend of Quantum, we invited artists Evelina Domnitch, Dmitry Gelfand and Prof. Dr. Tommaso Calarco for a panel discussion.

You can now listen back to this discussion here:

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