We are open today! So if you don't know what to do in Brussels for July 21st, come see our exhibition The Artwork As A Living System, 30 years of digital installations by Christa Sommerer & Laurent Mignonneau.

Starting this week, we're also selling combi tickets with our neighbours MIMA!

For 15€ or a reduced price of 9€, you can visit both The Artwork As A Living System and Jean Jullien's exhibition "STUDIOLO" at MIMA.

Tonight at iMAL and streaming on Youtube, the latest LASER Talks Brussels : imal.org/en/events/lasertalk-i

Intersecting Realities: Exploring the Metaverse through the Lens of Art and Science

with Bruno Dumas, Giusy Caruso, Eric Joris, Isjtar

Although we opened back in 2020, today was the official inauguration of our new expanded spaces, in the presence of the Minister-President of the Brussels-Capital Region Rudi Vervoort, the Mayor of Molenbeek Catherine Moureaux, Samuël Maenhout from the European Commission Representation in Belgium, and our director Lucia Garcia.

This concludes a long period of major renovation and extension works that started in 2016 thanks to the support of the European Regional Development Fund 2014-2020.

The panel will be followed by screenings dedicated to Karin Ohlenschläger and Peter Weibel.

We will conclude this Saturday in a festive way with Les Cyclades live!


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Join us tonight at 18:00 for the opening of The Artwork As A Living System, a retrospective of the work of Christa Sommerer & Laurent Mignonneau!


The Artwork as a Living System is a retrospective on the pioneering work of Christa Sommerer & Laurent Mignonneau. Discover 25 years of immersive interactive installations where plants, water and lights become sensitive interfaces! At iMAL,


On Sunday 29.01, joint us for a brunch, a talk and a workshop! With Paula Ulargui, explore textile bio-manufacturing as a solution to a sustainable fashion industry.

At , iMAL,


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Create Analog Virtual Realities with Sophia Bulgakova. Shining light from every direction, ping pong balls looking devices, borderless spaces and after images await you!

A on 24.01 at , iMAL,


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In the Im/possible Images , explore with Rosa Menkman the conditions of image making today through this question: if you could obtain an 'impossible' image of any object/phenomenon, what would you create?

25.01 at , iMAL,


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During the 'Lemniscate Cascade' , Evelina Domnitch & Dmitry Gelfand, will reveal how light can stir a liquid crystal solution and induce a state of life-like self-organisation.

Different wavelengths and intensities of light will be used to activate a variety of fluid dynamic phenomena. Further experiments will be conducted in order to synchronously sonify these emerging interactions.

23.01 at , iMAL,


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With the hands-on "Multi-Canals", GOGOLPLEX invite you to discover their practice and create together an arthouse film about ' canal, following the principles of "Cinéma Prudence"

27-29.01 at , iMAL, Brussels


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Disturbing feelings by Fabien Zocco will take place in French : découvrez la reconnaissance d'émotions par analyse faciale

23.01 à The Cookery, iMAL, Bruxelles


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The full programme for The Cookery is now online!

From 23-29.01 we present a full week filled with workshops, conferences, round tables, presentations and performances in an open space. Available to all those interested in exploring artistic production with digital technology, The Cookery encourages critical thinking through artistic practice, reflection and public debate.

Discover the full programme and buy tickets to the specific activities via our website: imal.org/en/events/the-cookery

Today's Laser Talk will be streamed live here, we start at 19:00 (Brussels time)

"Immersive listening" ; an evening around attentive listening through the work of two artist-researchers that create immersive sound installations, sound landscapes, or films in which listening triggers the imagination and creates a special relationship with the audience.

With Roel Heremans and Esther Venrooij

The Cookery is our new annual training and professionalisation programme, which will debut its first edition between 23 and 29 January 2023.

The Cookery programme includes workshops, conferences, round tables, presentations and performances on the most emerging artistic practices.

More information: imal.org/en/events/the-cookery

Full programme & registration will be released next week.

For the next two months we're very pleased to have Studio Above&Below in residency at iMAL Founded by Daria Jelonek and Perry-James Sugden, Studio Above&Below is a London-based art, design and technology studio.

Their residency project at iMAL will lead to an immersive experience and speculative future scenario which explores Brussels ecosystem in regards to the present and future coexistence between humans and non-human species.

More about their residency: imal.org/en/events/studio-abov

It’s with great pride that we can announce the selected artists who will become part of the 25AV 2023 official roster!

Out of an impressive pool of 279 applicants, the independent committee has selected 18 eclectic and diverse artistic couples. The 18 selected projects are exhibited in 3 leading art spaces in Milan at Triennale Milano, in Munich at ZIRKA and in Brussels at iMAL. 3 projects will also be selected for a residency at iMAL.

Check the selected projects here: 25av.eu/#projects

Next Thursday we're hosting the first Creative Meetup at iMAL.

Creative Meetup is a Belgian event gathering visual artists, videographers, designers, musicians, architects, programmers and researchers using creative coding tools. For this very first edition, you are invited to discover the working processes and tools of three artists: Mathieu Zurstrassen, Martin Pirson, Isjtar

More information:

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