iMAL is launching Realities In Transition together with lead-partner Biennale Chroniques and in collaboration with L.E.V. Festival, KONTEJNER, Ars Electronica, Dark Euphoria & V2_

Realities In Transition will focus on building a strong independent European XR creative and activist community, a think tank and practice sharing net, all within the context of the ever changing digital challenges.

The first open call of this project has recently been launched, more info:

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that's cool there is finally some interest in XR,
but sorry, can't leave for 2 month (child care), and budgets are also very small (what about labour laws ?) ...

sorry to bitch again but ... again, residency without family care in mind nor correct wages ...
and again needs travels for a subject sp. suited for remote

It feels like "emerging" artists are always thrown some lifebuoy but never taken on the ship, and left after swimming in the ocean ... in the name of EU bureaucracy

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